A self-help exercise

June 1, 2005 at 11:30 pm Leave a comment

So! I’m starting a new blog. It’s supposed to be a self-help exercise. See, I have this problem with wanting to write, but spending all my time obsessing about not being able to write, instead of actually writing anything.

Right…it’s a slight problem.

So I created a new blog to replace my old one (have to have a fresh start, you know), and I hereby solemnly promise to post at least twice a week for the next six weeks. I was going to say I’d post three times a week, but I decided to not set myself up for failure right off the bat. 😉

Anyway, if I don’t stick to my promise, then please come and pester me, or dump ice cubes down my back, or something like that.

And if I do stick to my promise, well…leave me comments!!


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That’s their thing?

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