I know, I am hugely in need of a new post

August 30, 2005 at 11:15 pm Leave a comment

Well, people, school seems to have completely stolen all my blogging inspiration. I have no less than 43 topics stored in a “blog topics” file on my desktop, and do you think I can work up the mental energy to actually write a coherent blog post about any of them?


And that number wasn’t a joke either. At least 43 topics. *sigh* At this rate, I think I probably won’t ever get around to blogging about them all.

But I should at least try to make a dent in the list. Ok, so I promise (on the theory that if I promise publically, I might actually make myself do it) to do my level best to post about Jonathan Edwards tomorrow after class. I have a whole slew of thoughts that I’ve been wanting to post about him for about two weeks now, and I think something disastrous is going to happen in my brain if I don’t get all my thoughts down onto virtual paper pretty soon.

Until tomorrow: What do you think of the adjective “hugely” in professional or publications? As in, “he was hugely successful”?

I’ve seen the adjective used twice in magazines recently, and I guess it is a legitimate word, but for some reason it sounds all wrong. I tend toward the opinion that it ought to be confined in pop culture and never let out into the professional or academic world. Am I the only one?


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Toby returns Vile in God’s sight: The use of fear in the rhetoric of Jonathan Edwards

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