Eulogy to Toby

October 2, 2005 at 11:11 pm Leave a comment

I just posted a lengthy theological post right below this. And then I got nervous about it and started thinking such a post was likely to completely dissuade anyone who sees it from ever returning to my blog again. So I decided I ought quick post something on a lighter topic. 😉

Although, actually, this is not really a lighter topic. I’m afraid my poor pet spider, Toby, who has lived in my car mirror since August 8, must have finally succumbed this week. For the last month and a half, he has faithfully appeared several times a week to spin a web between the mirror and the door frame, and he would often ride along outside my window in that fashion while I was driving.

But now I haven’t seen him for a whole week, and I am afraid that this time he isn’t returning.

Phooey. He was actually fun to have around.

Yeah, I know. A spider. I’m a nut. 😛


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